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Below are articles related to mental health and Christians

  • Clergy and Mental Health Care Professional Collaboration in South Carolina pdf
  • Demon or Disorder? pdf
  • DivorceCare – Should your group members take anti-depressants? pdf
  • How to help the depressed, Christianity Today pdf
  • Letting in the Light-seniors depression Baycrest pdf
  • Mental Health: A guide for Faith Leader, APA pdf
  • Mental Illness and Faith Community Outreach pdf
  • Mental Health Information for Ministers pdf
  • NAMI Faith Community Call to Action pdf
  • Quick Reference on Mental Health for Faith Leaders, APA pdf
  • Study of Acute Mental Illness and Christian Faith, Lifeway Research pdf
  • Supporting the Weak pdf
  • The Mentally Ill as Neighbor pdf
  • Time to Change pdf


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LifeWords Series, Caring Ministries Resources obtainable from the Canadian Bible Society, 7 titles series.

  1. God comforts those who mourn. Comfort and hope from the Bible in your sorrow
  2. The Lord keeps you safe. Words of Assurance from the Bible to calm your fears
  3. God’s love for us is sure and strong. Comfort from the Bible for Caregivers
  4. Turning to God. From addiction to recovery- finding a spiritual path
  5. For families under stress. Find strength i God’s word
  6. God is our shelter and strength. Words of hope from the Bible
  7. The Lord hears your cries. Hope and strength from the Bible in the midst of domestic violence

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