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Articles related to Christians and mental health

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9. Christians and mental health : “This has nothing to do with whether I believe in Jesus”, The Guardian

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12. When Grace & Reality Collide: Dealing with Mental Illness, Part I, CrossWalk

13. When Grace & Reality Collide: Dealing with Mental Illness, Part II, CrossWalk



Online Videos

One of our Working Group members, Matthew Tsuda was featured in a documentary on CBC Television, showcasing his work with the mental health population. Matthew agreed to be filmed to promote mental health awareness and decrease stigma associated with mental illness. Here is a short clip of the documentary shared by CBC on Facebook:

TVO, Mental Health Matters 2013

Mental Health Channel

Charlie Rose series on Brain and Mental illness

Elyn Saks on Ted Talk : A legal scholar talks about her recovery of schizophrenia

Thomas Insel on Ted Talk : Director of the National Institute of Mental Health talks about “Towards a new understanding of mental illness”

Douglas Mental Health University Institute-Recovery Stories

Stories of Hope and Recovery

Stories of Recovery, CamH

Recovery Stories, Choices in Recovery

Recovering from Eating Disorder, Eating Disorder Hope

Recovery Stories from patients of Ontario Shores, videos

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