Where can I get help?

Locating service providers by entering your postal code: Places to start getting help or support (adapted from Talk with supportive friends and family Talk to your family doctor or a community health centre – they can link you … Continue reading

Faith-based Recovery

Faith-based Recovery Faith-based Support Groups This list is maintained by the Working Group for Mental Health in Faith Communities Faith-based Mental Health Support (PDF) Training Material Developed by the Working Group Mental Health 101 (PDF) Faith and Hope Ministries Faith … Continue reading

Common Mental Illnesses

“The below information on each illness has been taken directly from Anxiety Disorders Everyone experiences symptoms of anxiety, but they are generally occasional and short-lived, and do not cause problems. But when the cognitive, physical and behavioural symptoms of … Continue reading

Myths and Facts

*The below “myths and facts” information has been taken directly from: Ten Common Myths Here are ten common myths about mental illnesses. Myth #1: Mental illnesses aren’t real illnesses. Fact: The words we use to describe mental illnesses have … Continue reading

Scholarly Articles

Shepherd, V. (1985). The walking wounded. The observers. pdf Eamer, A., Fernando, S.,& King, A., (2000). Still on the margins: English language learning and mental health in immigrant psychiatric patients. pdf Leyson, G. (2002) Pastoral care for the mentally ill. pdf Baetz, M., … Continue reading

Online Resources

Articles related to Christians and mental health 1. Archbishop of Canterbury and daughter back churches’ mental health toolkit, Christianity Today 2. Brain health in a brain economy breaking through, Healthy Minds Canada 3. Find God in the Black … Continue reading

Print Resources

Below are articles related to mental health and Christians Clergy and Mental Health Care Professional Collaboration in South Carolina pdf Demon or Disorder? pdf DivorceCare – Should your group members take anti-depressants? pdf How to help the depressed, Christianity Today … Continue reading

For Clergy and Leaders

Christians and Mental Illness Study of acute mental illness and Christian Faith, Lifeway Research, pdf Mental Illness Remains Taboo Topic for Many Pastors, Lifeway Research Mental Health: Half of evangelicals believe prayer can heal mental illness, Lifeway Research Pastors … Continue reading

For Families and Friends

The following agencies provide support and education to families and friends of individuals living with mental illnesses. The Mood Disorders Association of Ontario (MDAO) The Mood Disorders Association of Ontario offers free support and recovery programs to people across Ontario … Continue reading

Directories for Mental Health Services in Ontario

Locating service providers by entering your postal code Below are directories published by various mental health agencies to help locate mental health services in your area. In Toronto CamH Resource Manual, pdf CMHA Toronto Quick Guide, pdf CRCT Mental Health Guide … Continue reading